Chiara Ferragni : living the dream

If you are the proud owner of an Instagram account, there is no way you have not heard about the 30 years old Italian blogger who understood how to make social networks a goldmine before everyone else. She launched her blog The blond salad in 2009 with Riccardo Pozzoli, while studying law in Milan. « This is the first independent blog created (…) it is called The Blonde Salad because it will gather all the ingredients of my life : fashion, photography, travels and lifestyle. « 

chiara 0.jpg

Two years later, thanks to one of her picture published in the New York Magazine, the blog got successful and Chiara Ferragni started to be one of the most powerful blogger in the fashion industry. Thanks to the million of people visiting her blog and her new Instagram account, the 21 years old student entered in a world of glitters and skinniness. Everyone wanted to work with her, from Dior to Chanel, Vuitton, Max Mara or even Tommy Hilfiger.

In 2013, after her first Vogue cover, the it-girl was named « most influential blogger in the world » by and published her first ebook in italian, The Blonde Salad, to share her journey.

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With her own hashtags on social networks (#the blonde salad goes to NY, #the blonde salad never stops, #the blonde salad goes to Milan – to name a few) she shows her followers a life of joy and beauty that never stops. In addition to publishing pictures of her wardrobe, she created her own shoes brand in 2015, the Chiara Ferragni Collection, which then became a clothes brand as well.

chiara 7

A few months later, Forbes ranked her among the 30 under 30 (the 30 most influential people under 30 years old). At the age of 29, she became President of her own company – estimated at $10 millions.

Chiara Ferragni is not just a blogger anymore, she is a business woman. Her blog, her brand, her Youtube channel and her Instagram account (a picture on her wall brings her over 5,000$ and she publishes six of them each day) are really profitable. The Harvard Business School even made a study out of her in 2015 and invited her to share her experience with the students.

chiara 10.jpg


Fashion was never the only goal. The business woman understood how to benefit from social networks and decided to stage her lifestyle in a TV show way : her love interests, her family, her carrer, her travels or her goals, you can follow it all. The Ferragni world is always bright and shinny, and every member of the family has a role to play : Valentina (the little sister), for instance, is here to attract young girls while Fedez, the husband, appeals the guys.


Her meeting with the italian rapper Fedez in 2016, her pregnancy in 2017 and her gigantic wedding in 2018 contributed to make the fashion blogger a worldwide star to a large extent.

chiara 11chiara 12


The problem with social networks is the schedule. If you do not want people to lose interest in you, you have to publish all the time. Indeed, Chiara Ferragni never stops : even when she was pregnant and in bed rest, even a few hours after giving birth, even in the middle of her wedding ceremony … she kept giving her followers what they ask for : colorful pictures of her American dream. 



Chiara Ferragni became the first influencer of her generation, before it was even a thing. She understood how short-lived this job could be, hence her decision to create a brand and to multiply the business plans. But only a few influencers have the chance to make their life that profitable. And if being an influencer is going to be a « real job », then we need to recognize the amount of work it requires and to protect them from the risk of being quickly out of fashion.


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